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Rentals start as low as $10.


Locations around Glacier
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Glacier National Park

Locations around Yellowstone
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Yellowstone National Park

Bear Spray Rental Kiosk

How it Works

Bear Spray Shack is similar to your favorite red movie rental box but for bear spray. You can rent AND return our Mace bear spray canisters straight at the rental machine. We geek out on technology, and the programing behind Bear Spray Shack validates that every canister rented will be un-sprayed, at full volume, and safe for re-distribution.

We’ve coded out human error with our rental machines by using machine vision, scales, and our figurative secret ingredient: technology that identifies if the canister has been sprayed before it even gets weighed. This three-step validation process is what makes us different than anyone else on the market.

Our moms think we’re geniuses, but we just think we’re making the safest, most reliable and affordable option on the market.

Online Reservations

For the practical, precise humans that are uber responsible. The salt-of-the-earth, used to ordering ahead types of ‘outdoorsy’ people.

Walk-up Rentals

For the free spirited and the spontaneous ‘outdoorsy’ people who fly by the seat of their hiking pants, answer when nature calls them unexpectedly, and don’t take life too seriously–unless in this case it’s yours.

Any Location Drop Off

Multiple 24/7 Shack locations means returning your can of bear spray has never been easier. Even if you’re out exploring nature from dusk to dawn, you can conveniently return your rental to any location, any time.

Don’t Skip the BS

Rentals start as low as $10.

Bear Safety

When it comes to preserving your safety, peace of mind, and outdoor wildlife playgrounds at large, we believe that arming yourself with bear spray shouldn’t be a complicated or costly process.

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West Yellowstone Shack

How To Use
Bear Spray

If you’re not sure where to start with bear spray, we’ve got some tips and a step-by-step guide for how to use it that will make your life a lot easier—and maybe even save it!


Rent bear spray for only the days you need it.

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  • POV: you’re an event coordinator who is planning an event in bear country and you need to keep everyone safe… but you know that it would be so much better if you didn’t have to shell out the dough for it, or ask participants to spend money that could otherwise go to the cause. . Solution: Us! Bear Spray Shack! We’re the solution! Save money and borrow our bear spray!
  • If you squint and close one eye… it sort of can look like fireworks… maybe?? . Happy 4th everyone! Be safe out there today!
  • It may not be total freedom from the crowds. But hey, it’ll be better than rolling into the park at 10am wondering if traffic jams are considered a form of wildlife. . No matter what though. Just be safe this long weekend wherever you go or whatever you do!
  • Wait... You haven't heard?! We have a third location now! You can now find us in Columbia Falls, MT at the Wonderstone at Glacier's new expansion! (Seriously... like brand new. It's really nice.). . So if you're coming up from Kalispell, staying in Columbia Falls, or (even better) at Wonderstone, be sure to check us out for the most convenient and accessible bear spray rental there is!
  • Yeah… so did we HAVE to do something different with our rack cards?? No. But did we anyway?? Yes, because that’s just who we are as people. Insufferably incapable of just going with the norm. . All of our rack cards have a detachable bottom with some quick bear safety information and bear spray usage reminders. Read about our service, then tear off your wallet friendly reference card and go hit the trails! . Check out our newest machine located at the brand new and absolutely wonderful Wonderstone expansion in Columbia Falls! And definitely recycle the rest of the rack card when you’re done with it.