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Guard Alaska Bear Spray Rental


DO NOT store where temperature may exceed 120°F/50°C (such as an enclosed vehicle). Doing so may cause product to discharge from the canister. Storing the canister below 32°F/0°C may cause a loss of pressure in the canister, reducing spray range.

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We rent Mace® brand Guard Alaska bear spray. Mace® is made in the USA and is the leader in self-defense pepper spray.

Guard Alaska bear spray offers:

  • Up to 20 ft Range
  • 9 Seconds of Spray Time
  • Power Fogger Design
  • Bear Safe Formula
  • EPA Registered
Bear Spray Cans with belt clip


– Pricing Details

Number of Days
1 $10
2 $15
3 $20
4 $25
5+ $30
Used** or Exceedingly Damaged




Late Fee


* No matter if your rental is late by multiple days, damaged, sprayed, or just plain not returned, you will never be charged more than $60 (+tax) total per canister of bear spray.

** Please note that spraying the canister, no matter how little, will result in a Usage charge.

Please watch this short video from Mace on how to use Bear Spray
(only 35 seconds long)